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My name is Matthew and I love to travel and it is so much fun to see new places I spend most of my money on traveling on road trips within the USA and abroad and here is where I put it all down.

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Things to make sure that you bring on a Road Trip

Dirty car road trip

Photo from jefield via flickr August 10, 2011

Road trips are so much fun you get to bond with people in a differnt way but to make sure that the fun keeps on rolling there are many things that you should make sure that you bring with you.

The most important thing that you should ake sure that you bring with you on your road trip is food. Have all the coolers packed with food for you do not have to stop and get anything on the road. It is a lot cheaper and healthier to eat from a cooler then it is from the drive through not to mention a lot faster. Everyone in the car will be happy that there is enough food to go around when the engine starts to head off. If you do run out of food go to a grocery store to restock the essential supply of snack food.

The number one thing you should make sure you have before you take off is a spare tire and tools to fix the flat tire. It is no fun to be stuck in the middle of no where with no cell phone service. Road trip travel hopes that you do not get a flat on your journey but things happen and we want you to be prepared for you are not stranded and feel like you are in a scary movie.

When you are on a road trip the driver is normally always busy with driving but sometimes it gets a little boring for the passengers so make sure that you bring enough games for everyone can stay focused and not get bored.  If it is hand held games to cards everyone will have more fun while on the road if everyone will be awake to see it.

Probably the most common sense thing to bring with you on a road trip is a GPS or a map. There is no reason to get that lost these days there is so much technology to help you know where you are which makes it easy to drive across country. So please do not get lost in the twenty first century.

More on the safety side make sure that you bring a safety kit. This thing usally has everything that you will need if you get stuck there will be flashlights, blankets, orange reflector, some tools, jumper cables, these things make you feel safer while driving cross country. One other thing I would add to the safety kit would be a sleeping bag just in case you go to a city where no hotels are vacant forcing you to sleep in your car.

Everything else that you bring on your trip is optional but we hope that these few tips will help you along your road trip where ever you might be going.


Road Trip Route 66

Road rip Route 66

Image via Wikipedia


Route 66 is one of the most famous Road Trips in the world, this road trip starts in Chicago Illinois and it goes all the way to Las Angeles California. Route 66 used to be called “Main Street of America” it was one of the greatest American accomplishments for when it was created which was 1926. In 1927 all of the street signs were placed correctly. Route 66 travels into eight different states Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and finally California. There is a lot of history on the road it became the main rode to move westward in the 1930′s. Making Route 66 is a big part of American History.  This famous highway goes about 2,448 miles or about 3,940 kilometers.  Today Route 66 is no longer intact it was considered to be unusefully because of the new interstate system going into place. The original path is still connected today but it is connected with several interstates.

There is a lot of fun things to see while you go along this path. There are many small cities that are still around today just for Route 66. Some of the most popular things to see along Route 66 is the Grand Canyon in Arizona and National Route 66 Museum. There are several things to see but these are the two things that you can not miss on your road trip with Route 66. Road Trip Travels hopes that you have a great Road Trip Across the United States enjoy the history and the view.


Welcome to Road Trip Travel

Road Trip EuropeRoad Trip Travel is a website that will talk about the places to do road trips not just in America but internationally as well. Road trips are a lot of fun, you are able to see more of a country from a road trip then flying or other modes of transportation. You are also on your own time schedule making driving with friends to amazing destinations amazing. Road Trip Travel will be talking about good places to Travel to with your car and good places to stay on the way. There is so much that we could talk about on this website we are excited to see where this takes us. Until then be safe on your amazing road trip.

Photo by Stig Nygaard July 30, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.